The Holler Time

The Holler Time began in a century old rock-house outside of Gainesville, TX in 2009.  Amongst the Cross-Timbers’ thickets, the foundation was carved for future sonic tributes to the likes of Neil Young, Jeff Tweedy and Gram Parsons.  It’s where Kyle Deleshaw and Chad Henderson started to take their musical ideas earnestly.  The search for further harmonic stability began.  Enter the "Denton County Rhythm Section," comprised of Wally Campbell and Tex Bosley.  The core of The Holler Time was set and the scene was primed.  After working with Brent Best and Justin Collins on the first 2 records, the newest member, Miles Franklin, has submitted a set of tunes to the mix that will be a fixture of the wax-ready Holler Time catalogue for many years to come.  The 3rd record, set to be recorded in the Fall of 2014, will be a set of choice tunes from the communal minds of the willful, that is The Holler Time. 


Look for us in your nearest saloon...



Lead Vox - Kyle Deleshaw

Lead Vox - Miles Franklin

Lead Guitar - Chad Henderson

Bass - Wally Campbell

Drums - Tex Bosley